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Total Rain-fall*: 39.69
 *July 1 through Today
Previous Year Total: 32.75"
25-year Average: 37.14"

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Welcome to the EID IMS Homepage

The Irrigation Management Service (IMS) program was developed in the late 1970s through cooperation with local growers, EID, the University of California Cooperative Extension, and local, state, and federal governments.  The program uses weather and soil moisture information to provide growers with suggested irrigation dates and run times.  Currently, the program uses a neutron probe once a week to determine the soil moisture status and to access weather information from the California Irrigation Management Information Service's (CIMIS)  station #13, located in Camino.  This information is entered automatically into the irrigation scheduling prediction software (TrueISM), which calculates irrigation dates and duration.  Participating growers receive the information in a weekly Grower Report  by e-mail.  There are currently 100 growers using the information to schedule irrigations on 2,500 acres.  At no cost to participants, the program is offered to all agriculture-metered irrigation accounts in EID's service area.  Contact Kirk Taylor, IMS Coordinator, at 530-642-4166 or IMSProgram@eid.org if you would like more information about the program.

Future Improvements

The IMS program continues to investigate new and/or adapted technologies to improve irrigation scheduling recommendations.  This includes new soil moisture measuring techniques, increased weather station network, remote data collections, and data analysis and deliveries.  The primary goal for these investigations is to increase water use efficiency in the commercial agriculture settings. 

Access past this point is restricted to growers participating in the IMS Progam.  This portal is not part of the On-Line bill paying site for EID.  This portal is available to growers participating in the IMS program so they can access the most recent irrigation scheduling recommendations at any time.

IMS Grower Portal 


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